Creepy Clyde is an entertainer. He sings, plays keyboard, guitar and harmonica as a solo act and in his band. He has hosted Horror movies on TV. He has hosted radio programs. He is also a cartoonist.

Creepy Clyde hit the scene in the year 2000. Performing original songs written as early as the 1980s.
Creepy Clyde has hosted a weekly horror movie on public access cable, was in the cast of a weekly horror hosted program on the RTV TV network, performs in Hell, Michigan and at Haunted attractions (currently: Jackson’s UnderWorld) and has Hosted and produced 60 episodes of Spooky Talk, the AM radio talk show that’s spooky, am 1160 WCXI, am 1310 WDTW, and am 1610.org Hamtramck.

Creepy was once a crew member and has appeared numerous times on Horror Movie Host Legend THE GHOUL’s show, in Cleveland and Detroit. For THE GHOUL, Creepy has proudly worked as camera man, artist, announcer, dressed as ‘Froggy’ and gladly swept up exploded firecrackers and debris. He misses working with THE GHOUL, Bob, Ed, Eddie, John, Jack, Big Mike, Mary Terease, Magic Mark and Jeff.

Creepy Clyde is a character portrayed by actor, Clyde Brown. Creepy Clyde is The Master Of Monsterous Melodies, Your Host Of Horrifying Hits, The Count Of Killer Compositions, The Father Of Frightful Fare. He is the The Titan Of Terrifying Tunes, The Baron Of Bloody Ballads, A Singer Of Spooky Songs. He is The Royal Ruler Of Rotting Rhymes And Rhythms, That Gruesome Guy Of Ghastly Gigs.